Growth Equity investments are made in Nordic unlisted companies, growth-oriented listed companies and private equity funds. The object of the Growth Equity investment activities is to find unlisted target companies with the potential to grow rapidly, to make significant minority investments in them and, as an active investor, to develop their value so as to achieve returns in excess of the market average. The object is to significantly increase the value of growth companies through long-term ownership, which often lasts 4–7 years.

Our focus

Norvestia invests in exceptional companies with strong growth potential, the long-term and active development of which can yield significant increases in value and thereby return to Norvestia’s shareholders. We aim to find growth companies that operate in sufficiently large markets and have the opportunity to take advantage of their service and solution innovations both in Finland and internationally.

Our investment criteria include professional and committed management, innovative service/product, proven business plan, growing revenues, significant market potential and unique competitive advantage.


Norvestia is a flexible investor who invests from its own balance sheet, and can participate in investments in several ways. In addition to equity investments, we can invest in mezzanine and convertible debt, or in a combination of debt and equity. Each investment is tailored to fit the specific needs of the business and its owners.

We invest across several industries throughout the Nordic region. Because of our evergreen structure we can work closely with entrepreneurs and other owners for as long as is needed for optimal value creation.


We are a committed partner and participate in the long-term development of the business together with management and other owners. Co-operation happens not only at the Board level but in regular interactions with all parties relevant to the development of the business.

We have a broad international network and industry expertise which we leverage to help growth companies reach their growth targets and find new growth opportunities. Throughout the years we have helped our companies grow and expand into large international markets in Europe and the US.


Norvestia’s twofold investment strategy consists of market investments and Growth Equity. Growth Equity investments are further divided into direct investments and fund investments. Fund investments complement Norvestia's Growth Equity portfolio in fields or sectors in which Norvestia does not invest directly. To learn more about Norvestia's Growth Equity investments and exits see company and fund specific information below.


GROWTH equity Team

Norvestia's Growth Equity team is small but experienced. We have over 20 years of experience in investing in companies of different sizes from early-stage ventures to mid-sized growth and large buyout investments in various industries. We have helped dozens of companies grow and reach their vision. We are eager to help you reach your dream!


Juha joined Norvestia in 2011. He is one of the most experienced private equity investors in Finland with over 20 years in the business. During his career he has raised several private equity funds and helped build dozens of successful companies.

+358 207 207 500
+358 50 590 0522

Juha Mikkola

Senior Investment Director


Heikki joined Norvestia in 2015. He has over 8 years of experience from the financial sector. During his career Heikki has been responsible for leading M&A projects, as well as other financial and strategic advisory services.

+358 40 556 8899

Heikki Juntti

Investment Manager


Saara joined Norvestia in 2010. She has over 5 years of experience from the financial sector. For most of her career she has been working within private equity investments analyzing entrepreneur-driven growth companies in various sectors.

+358 207 207 500
+358 40 745 1461

Saara Kauppila

Analyst (on maternity leave)

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