A significant exit of Idean Enterprises Oy for Norvestia

Norvestia has agreed to sell its ownership in the rapidly growing Idean Enterprises Oy to the global IT services Group Capgemini. Capgemini will acquire the entire share capital of Idean and the transaction is estimated to close by the end of February. Norvestia invested in Idean in 2014 and owned 24.8 per cent of the company. Norvestia is part of CapMan Group.

Norvestia strengthens its Growth Equity portfolio by participating in Digital Workforce’s funding round

Norvestia participates in a EUR 2 million funding round of Digital Workforce, a robotic process automation (RPA) growth company. The funding is used to expand international operations and accelerate growth. Investors participating in the funding round are Norvestia Oyj (now part of the CapMan Group) and earlier seed investors Leena Niemistö and Lifeline Ventures.

Idean's CEO Risto Lähdesmäki appeared on the Finnish business journal Kauppalehti

Originated from Jyväskylä Finland Idean is the world's fastest growing design company. The Finnish business journal Kauppalehti interviewed CEO Risto Lähdesmäki in Silicon Valley.

Norvestia's portfolio company sells rapidly growing Touhula Varhaiskasvatus to EQT

Coronaria Hoitoketju, the majority shareholder of Touhula Varhaiskasvatus, has agreed on a transaction that upon closing will make EQT Mid Market fund the majority shareholder of Touhula. Coronaria Hoitoketju is part of Norvestia’s Growth Equity portfolio, and it has been an excellent investment for Norvestia. Norvestia’s initial investment in the company was about EUR 3 million. With the transaction Coronaria Hoitoketju’s Amended Net Asset Value for Norvestia will grow from EUR 17.6 million to about EUR 23 million.

Norvestia invested in Lifeline Ventures' new fund

Lifeline Ventures raised a new EUR 57 million early stage fund. The newly launched Lifeline Ventures Fund III Ky is Lifeline's third fund since 2012. In addition to investors in Lifeline Ventures' earlier funds, the new fund attracted new institutions as well as private and family-owned investment companies as investors.

Fluido raises new funding round led by Norvestia Growth Equity

Fluido, the Finnish cloud services consulting company, raised a EUR 3.3M funding round, led by Norvestia Growth Equity with participation from Salesforce Ventures. The investment will support the continued international expansion of Fluido as a leading Nordic Salesforce partner.

Norvestia invested in Open Ocean Fund 2015

Norvestia invested in Open Ocean Fund 2015, which saw its first closing in November 2015. Open Ocean makes early-stage venture investments in European software and technology companies, and complements Norvestia's growth equity portfolio with early-stage companies in which Norvestia does not invest directly.

Touhula opens new day care centers

Touhula opens several new day care centers during 2016. Lohja and Savonlinna among others will get their first Touhula Exercise Day Care Centers. In addition, the family of day care centers grows in Espoo, Kirkkonummi and Hämeenlinna.

Norvestia invests in growth

Norvestia published a new investment strategy 27 October 2015, and as a result, increases the share of growth equity in its investment activities. Over the coming years the aim is to allocate approximately EUR 100 million in total for growth equity. Norvestia's new course was also featured in Kauppalehti.

Idean designed a new website for Norvestia

Idean, the customer experience design company in Norvestia's growth investment portfolio, designed a new website for Norvestia which was launched 26 October 2015.

Idean’s CEO PwC's Most Valuable Entrepreneur of the Year

Idean's CEO and Co-Founder Risto Lähdesmäki has been awarded PwC's Most Valuable Entrepreneur 2015.

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