Touhula Day Care Centers is a Finnish family of day care centers where exercise has a key role. In the spring of 2016 Norvestia's Growth Equity portfolio company Coronaria Hoitoketju sold the rapidly growing Touhula to EQT. In connection with the transaction Norvestia reinvested part of the proceeds in the company and continues as Touhula's minority owner.

Norvestia, together with other owners, established Touhula in 2011 and in five years developed Touhula into a leader in the private day care business in Finland. At the time of the exit Touhula had over 80 day care centers with over 1,100 day care professionals. In the year 2015 alone 700 new employees were hired and 24 new day care centers opened around Finland. Behind the growth was Touhula’s unique focused service concept, the development of which had been backed by domestic investors.

Read Norvestia's release about the transaction

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