Norvestia’s Investment Barometer surveys Finns’ investment habits, as well as attitudes towards saving and investing. It particularly tackles the problematics of the relationship between potential small-scale investors and the investment world, to which Norvestia offers its own answer with its streamlined business model. Norvestia's Investment Barometer has been conducted for six consecutive years.


The 2016 Investment Barometer offers a precise analysis of Finnish investors’ views on the economy. Simultaneously the Barometer measures Finns’ trust in different business branches and lines of industry.

The theme for this year’s variable questions was growth investment – a theme under which Finland’s economic growth and the birth of new jobs, intersect with the accumulation of wealth.

Per the results of the 2016 Investment Barometer, Finns view the investment environment more positively than previous years. However, the same cannot be said for the outlook on their own economy. The investment of savings into shares and deposits has decreased compared to previous the year. Funds are the most popular option for the investment of savings.

In addition, the survey included many of the same questions as last year’s barometer, thus offering the possibility to study changes in small-scale investors' attitudes towards, for example, investing and markets.

1,300 over 25-year-old Finns answered the survey conducted by TNS Gallup. The survey’s sample size represents age, gender and geographical location nationwide. Furthermore, the results have been tabulated by the respondent’s principal bank, occupational group, level of education and gross income.

The survey is conducted annually.

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