Founded in 1984



Norvestia is founded 16 August 1984 by the name SYP-invest Oy.


The company’s share is listed on the Helsinki stock exchange 4 March 1985.


Swedish Havsfrun Group becomes main owner and the name Norvestia is registered.


Icelandic Kaupthing Bank becomes main owner.


Finnish listed private equity fund management Group CapMan becomes the largest owner.


Norvestia's and SYP-Invest's share and bonus issues


Suomen Yhdyspankki owns 50,000 A shares.

SHARE ISSUE: 500,000 B shares are offered for a price of 200 Finnish mark.


The B share is listed on the Helsinki stock exchange 4 March 1985. SHARE ISSUE: 110,000 C shares are offered for a price of 205 Finnish mark.


SPLIT: one old share is split into 5 new shares. ISSUE: one old share entitles to subscribe for one new share at a price of 45 Finnish mark.

50,000 A shares --> 300,000 A shares

500,000 B shares --> 3,000,000 B shares

110,000 C shares --> 660,000 C shares


Option loan through which 315 B shares are subscribed for.

3,000,000 B shares --> 3,000,315 B shares


C shares are converted into B shares.

3,000,315 B shares --> 3,660,315 B shares


BONUS ISSUE: for three old A and B shares one new B share is received without compensation.

3,660,315 B shares --> 4,980,420 B shares


SYP-Invest becomes Norvestia.


PURCHASE OF OWN SHARES: Norvestia purchases 174,900 own B shares.

4,980,420 B shares --> 4,805,520 B shares


BONUS ISSUE: for one old share one new share is received without payment.

300,000 A shares --> 600,000 A shares

4,805,520 B shares --> 9,611,040 B shares


RIGHTS ISSUE: one share entitles to one subscription right. Two subscription rights entitles to one new share for EUR 5.00.

600,000 A shares --> 900,000 A shares

9,611,040 B shares --> 14,416,560 B shares


COMBINATION OF SHARE CLASSES: the combination is completed without compensation. Following the combination of the share classes Norvestia Oyj has a single share class consisting of a total of 15,316,560 shares. Trading with the new share begins on Nasdaq Helsinki 23 June 2015 with a ticker symbol NORVE.

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