Market investments are made according to prevailing market circumstances primarily in Nordic listed shares, funds and bonds. The object of market investments is to achieve a good risk-adjusted return.


Market investments are made according to prevailing market circumstances. The aim is to achieve a good risk-adjusted return. At year-end a large part of Norvestia’s assets were invested directly in shares on the Helsinki stock exchange. Investments may also be made in other stock exchanges in order to diversify risks and on the basis of return expectations.

Norvestia will make market investments focusing mainly on value shares, i.e. shares that are offered at prices that are low, both historically and in relation to a company’s net asset value and performance expectations. Investment levels between shares, funds and interest-yielding investments will be assessed as circumstances dictate.


In addition to pursuing steady asset growth, one of the guidingprinciples of Norvestia’s investment activities is to diversify investments and thereby reduce overall risks. Occasionally a significant proportion of investments may be focused on certain types of investments and securities, the possible negative development of which may substantially decrease Norvestia’s result. Norvestia occasionally hedges its investments with options and futures, although there may still be situations where such hedges are not effective.

Norvestia’s result is greatly affected by economic developments and changes in share prices both in Finland and abroad. Changes in exchange rates also impact the company’s result. General uncertainty on the capital markets increases the volatility of Norvestia’s investments and therefore also increases their risks.

Market investment portfolio

Market investment team


Juha has been Norvestia's Managing Director since 2004. Juha has a Master of Science degree in Technology and a Licentiate of Science degree in Economics.

+358 207 207 500

Juha Kasanen

Managing Director

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